HHM Financing

Corporate financing to measure for each business phase. We have a direct line to a lot ofinvestors  with many financing options:
  • Working capital credit lines at top conditions 
  • Factoring for many purposes 
  • Blank loans
  • Risk Financing
  • Shopping funding at the best conditions
  • Startup loans 
  • Financing 
  • Pulse Venture Capital 
  • Private Equity
  • Customized equity financing

HHM Consulting

With our holistic consulting approach we can always satisfy your individual needs and wishes. Because of the extensive experience of our consulting team, we can develop solutions and support you with clear and defined results in many parts of business  care:

Our service includes various segments around the hotel management. The services can be used by existing companies as well as by entrepreneurs in the startup phase.

1.    Object - controlling and evaluation of all operational processes

2.    Staff - controlling and coaching

3.    Financial - controlling and optimizing the cost structure in all economic sectors

4.    Strategic hotel and resort management

5.    Increase occupancy rates

6.    Hotel and resort management

Other services offered by the Vital Hotel & Resort Management for existing companies and entrepreneurs:,

Location development and feasibility studies
Project development for hotels & resorts
Operational concepts depending on the country and the location of the hotel and resort
Business plans
Financing concepts
Participation in existing companies and start-up`s which are
 working in the tourism sector
Request, information, tender requirements and advice I Contact
Vital Hotel & Resort Management -
Booking, management and rental of hotel rooms and villas

Our Due Diligence is an interesting concept in business, and it works on many levels and in many business situations. 

In the general sense, our due diligence is a process of careful evaluation of a prospective business opportunity, like the purchase of a business or a sale of stock or merger or financing a new project.

Our Due Diligence is a process which includes detailed review of all aspects of a business, a situation or a new project, including financial, legal, insurance, technology, and marketing/sales/competition, as well as general company information.


HHM Hospitality Management 

The term " hospitality management " includes a variety of economic areas , These include Hotel and Restaurant Management Hospitality Management is focused primarily not only to the management of hospitality venues . Rather, the term " hospitality management " includes more services to those service providers such as , hotel project developers, project managers , Planungsge companies , the catering industry consultancy, concept developer for Wellness and Retreat projects , healthcare managers , casino - hotels and recreation parks belong . 

The focus of our range is the development of new and highly profitable hotel and tourism projects in Germany , Austria and Switzerland as well as in countries which offer tourists all the conditions and also are considered safe .

Consulting is a matter of trust